This page lists free traffic resources – websites where you can submit your referral links.


Top Sites

These are the biggest and best sites that let you submit referral links. – Referral links forum, post your referral program and affiliate links here.

Bitcoin Forums – Here you can submit your bitcoin and cryptocurrency related referral links.

Invite Codes – This website lets you submit referral codes, refer users to earn ad credits.

Parler – New twitter style social media site, easily paste in your articles and referral links.

Get Free Coins – Here you can submit links to airdrops and other ways to get free coins.

Noise Cash – Very easy to submit referral links, earn bitcoin cash and withdraw instantly.


Social Media

These social media sites allow you to submit referral links and articles and build a following.


Torum – Blockchain social media site, allows you to submit articles and referral links easily.

Minds – Another top blockchain social media site, easily submit articles and referral links.

Gab – New freedom of speech social media platform, share links and articles here.

Parler – A new alternative to twitter that does not censor, easy to post content and referral links.

Webtalk – Easy to post in your articles and referral links, network and build a following.

Twitter – Create a twitter profile and post your referral links, build a following and get sign ups.

Tumblr – Here you can create a tumblr blog and easily share your referral links.


Blockchain Blogging Platforms

Write good quality bitcoin related articles and earn cryptocurrency.


Publish0x – Create a blog, read articles and write articles to earn ethereum.

Read Cash – Earn bitcoin cash writing articles and promoting referral programs.

Medium – Many bitcoin users on this blogging platform, pays for top bloggers.



Here is a list of subreddits that allow you to submit referral links and blog articles


How To Earn Bitcoin – How to earn bitcoin subreddit, submit referral links and blog articles here.

Referral Codes – A popular subreddit where you can submit your referral codes, over 16k subs.

Promote Publish0x – Here you can submit your publish0x articles and generate more referrals.

Publish0x – Another subreddit where you can promote and post your publish0x articles.

Crypto Airdrop – Submit referral links to air drops and other ways to get free cryptocurrency.

Referrals Reddit – Smaller subreddit but online for years, submit any type of referral links.

Free Crypto – Submit free crypto affiliate programs, faucets, airdrops, earning sites etc.

Coin Bloggers – Here you can submit any type of cryptocurrency related article.

Get Free Coins – Here you can list faucets, airdrops and other ways to get free coins.

Free Crypto Tokens – Another place to submit free airdrops and free bitcoin faucets.

Earn Bitcoin – Post your bitcoin related affiliate links earn, show users how to earn btc.

New Blockchain Projects – Information on upcoming and newly launched blockchain projects.

Play Games Earn Bitcoin – Post referral links and articles promoting bitcoin games.

Earning Bitcoin – Submit referral links and articles showing users how to earn bitcoin.

Refs4me – Subreddit for posting topics, post your ref links on the forum then post here.

Earning crypto – Post any affiliate links to earning websites, faucets and paid to click sites.

Referral Codes Hub – Submit any type of referral codes and promo codes here.

Affiliate Deals – Post links to affiliate programs and special affiliate deals.

Promo Code Share – Submit referral codes and promo codes to this subreddit.

Free Karma – If you need reddit karma submit here, you can also post affiliate links here.



A list of telegram channels you can submit referral links and blog posts too.


Ref Submit – Telegram channel with 10,000+ users that allows you to submit referral links.

Bloggers Group – A telegram channel for sharing your blog articles with other bloggers.

Bounty Group – This telegram channel lets you post your bounty campaigns and referral links.

Publish0x – Here you can post links to your latest publish0x articles and get more views.


Affiliate Programs

Here you can find all of the best affiliate / referral programs to promote and earn profit.


Buy / Sell Advertising – This page lists all of the different buy and sell advertising systems. – A list of free bitcoin faucets and websites that let you earn cryptocurrency.

Earn Bitcoin Online – The biggest list of tested bitcoin affiliate programs, all of the top programs.

Free Gambling Credits – All of the different bitcoin gambling websites that give you free credits.

Adult Affiliate Programs – A list of the top adult affiliate programs, earn up to $200 per sale.

Staking Coins – Here you will find a list of all the best coins to stake and mine.

Free Bitcoin Faucets – A list of the top free bitcoin faucets, claim free bitcoin.

Bitcoin Mining – Here you will find a list of all the top bitcoin mining resources.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges – The top cryptocurrency exchanges with referral programs.

Game Money – A list of all the different video games that let you earn money.

Money Links – Complete list of all money making links and affiliate links.

One Satoshi – A list of crypto faucets that pay you instantly into Faucet Pay.

Adult Offers – Here is a list of all the top adult offers that are available to promote.

Cam Girls – This page lists the biggest and most popular live webcam girl affiliate programs.

Free Paysite Access – This website lists adult offers and free pay site access you can promote.

Money Making Links – A list of my best performing money making links and sponsors


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